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How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party

The holidays are officially upon us. Can you believe how fast 2019 has gone? Grab some friends and let’s celebrate! Here’s some great advice on how to throw the perfect holiday party without stressing yourself out.

Invite and plan

First, come up with a guest list of people you would like to invite. Send them an invitation or text at least 2 weeks before your event. You can send FREE invitations through websites like or The holidays can be a busy time so this gives your friends ample time to block their schedules.

Food and drink advises, “Cook ahead. Do as much ahead of time as possible. Soups and stews are the ultimate winter and holiday food — they'll feed a crowd. Quiches and tarts also freeze well, and you don't have to make them from scratch.”

Be sure to stock up on snacks (crackers, appetizers, cheese, etc.) People love to nibble at parties and will appreciate you having extra treats on hand. Consider having stations placed around the venue where people can congregate around appetizers, sweets, etc.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about the drinks! Have drinks ready for people as they come into the party. Party/entertaining goddess Martha Stewart recommends this. Purchase alcohol and mixers as well as non-alcoholic drinks for attendees. Pinterest has a great deal of drink recipes sure to make your party memorable for your guests.

If you invited a large number of guests, don’t feel locked into having a formal dinner. If that’s your thing have at it, but most people don’t have time to cook and decorate for a large number of people. Why not make it a buffet and let them mingle around with other visitors and have fun?

Set the mood with decorations and festive furnishings

Warner Interior has a number of options sure to make your party stand out from the crowd.

Get your tree up or your menorah up. Put a wreath on your door, add some garland to your steps. Consider adding string lights around your home where you can.

Are you a fan of the Cleveland-based Christmas Story? Add a leg lamp in your window because “it's a major award!”

Warner Interior’s Bernhardt Furniture collection creates coziness for your holiday gathering. The Harrison sofa features rolled arm detail. It’s a multi-pillow sofa designed for maximum comfort and relaxation. The colors of the pillows tie in nicely with holiday-themed decorations -- plus, it looks great in group pictures with a Christmas tree behind it!

The Century Studio Furniture Collection is a modern take on furniture that has an amazing color palette sure to look great with your holiday decor. The Leonardo Series Couch makes a great place for friends and family to hang out and enjoy spending time together.

Both the Bernhardt Furniture Collection and the Century Studio collections can be customized to your personal tastes. The Warner Interiors team can help you add the perfect area rug to complete your state of the art room collection.

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